The Hawaiian Life

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     The Hawaiian Life for me is not only an association with a place on the map, but more importantly a state of mind. I would like to encapsulate my thoughts of what I feel the Hawaiian Life is. It will most certainly be up for debate, but I will let you instigate the conversation.


     Life, the Hawaiian Life is full; it’s full of the salt air, full of the trade winds, full of all the different cultures that congregate on the islands of Hawaii. It’s full of good foods, good friends, and good experiences. The Hawaiian Life is a life of peace, of oneness with the land, of a greater understanding and appreciation of the ancient culture of the past. The Hawaiian Life has time to relax, enjoys the work, and helps those that need it without hesitation… To live life full and aware is to understand that life should flow, life should be a journey, and life should be full of those things that promote the good life. All of these things can be found in the form of the Hawaiian Life. All you need to do is close you eye and imagine you are there, there on the islands experiencing the life that is in your dream and you will know of a life that is possible.