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   Aloha and Good Morning everyone in the Hawaiian Life community. How are you all today? I hope you all had a great weekend. Spring is finally here! Did you get a chance to see the Super Moon on Saturday? It was sooo magical! Simply beautiful... I am excited about this day. Been waiting a while, knowing it fell on a Monday. What you ask? Today is my friend Greg Slawson's Birthday so today this article is all about him and his lovely wife Candice Lee...

                          *The Multi-Talented Greg Slawson and Candice Lee*


   For those of you that have been waiting for the icing on the cake when it comes to my friend Greg Slawson, the wait is over... And what better day to have that icing on the cake, then to do it on his birthday. That's right... today is Greg Slawson's Birthday! Happy Birthday Bro!!! To the people that read my articles on a regular basis, you already know a little about Greg. I feature two of his videos in my Blog each week, one he worked on with me as a birthday gift to Mike, Infectious Inspiration. The other is a random pick that I choose from his collection of videos.

   To my new readers wondering who in the world is Greg Slawson... well, you picked a great day to join me...First of all Greg isn't even my Bro... in fact I've only known him about a year.. I met Greg while looking for a video, little did I know at the time I was dealing with a professional. I'm a nature freak, so is Mike! I wanted to send a video to Mike for Earth Day!  I searched two weeks. Nothing fit. I finally found Greg's Kauai Mood video. It was just what I was looking for, the natural beauty of Kauai, inspirational, full of peaceful soothing water and very relaxing jazz music.

   Mike loved the video so I wanted to have one custom made for his birthday, so I asked Greg if he knew anyone that did that, thinking he had someone help with his.... Silly me! He was the man that did the music, shot the footage & made the video, so I let him know what I wanted. I picked out some of Mikes quotes & added a couple of my own & Greg worked his magic & Infectious Inspiration was born... and it was perfect!! We hit it off on day one! I'm happy to call him friend... and Bro! lol He's a very sweet, down to earth, funny guy with talent running through his veins!

   This birthday boy from Cleveland Heights, Ohio isn't doing all this by himself, for he has an equally talented wife, Candice Lee. They both have a long list of accomplishments and are very talented composers and recording artists. Together they ARE GC Creative Studio!!! They teach classical piano, jazz theory and improvisation along with recording techniques using virtual instruments! They manage Slawson and Lee Piano Studio and teach over 80 students every week. If that is not enough Greg is also an adjunct instructor of jazz piano at the College of Wooster. 

   ✰ Greg and Candice will soon be heading to the island of Maui for a much deserved vacation. I'm sure they will be capturing new footage for exciting things to come. They have been very busy lately with nice things coming their way... or should I say our way...The merry month of April is looking pretty exciting if you are a fan of these two musicians. April 10th is the official release date of the latest CD by Greg and Candice entitled Pianoflow. The CD features piano music which is inspired by nature. There are water sounds, bass, drums, percussion and synthesizers that are part of the soundscape. The CD also gives you a variety of diverse styles, from classical and jazz, to ambient and meditative. Clearly, a little something for everyone...

   ✰ Then five days later on April 15th, the much anticipated and my personal favorite Water Films DVD collection comes out! There are 19 short films (videos) in this two - DVD set which captures the essence of spectacular natural areas. The sounds of my favorite things, music, water and wildlife enhance the total sensory experience! The music is inspired by the beautiful wonders in each video by both Greg and Candice. You even find inspiring quotes as well. It features scenes from Hawaii, the Canadian Rockies, the Gulf Coast of Florida, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and other exciting places Greg and Candice have traveled to capture breathtaking footage for this inspiring DVD collection. 

   I think nature is a beautiful thing... peaceful and tranquil, just like Greg & Candices music and videos are. Add a little water and you have a piece of heaven. I hope you will check out their website. You can read more on the dynamic duo and find other CD's and products that they offer. This can inspire you to want to meditate or just enjoy the inspiring relaxation of the music and videos. They are waiting for you at Facebook: Please visit their YouTube channel!!!  There is a reason they have had over 113,000 views...If you still want more of G & C you'll find them sending out inspiring quotes as well as their beautiful photos and intoxicating videos on Twitter... 





   I hope you all have a great day and a very Happy Spring! If you talk to the birthday boy, don't forget to wish him well. This won't be the last you hear from Greg. He & Candice are just getting started. Mike & I both plan to work with them in the near future. Sending a couple articles by Michael that are sure to spark your eye, especially if you are looking to vacation in Hawaii... Don't forget to visit our Store Front here at Hawaiian Life. We have lots of merchandice to choose from. Also, don't forget the Tiki's at the Hawaiian Life Fan Page are getting a little lonely. Why not take one home today... They're free!!

   This week I chose two video picks. I wanted to show you two different types of videos from Greg. One is High Lake that features Greg's talented music & also has my favorite Chipmunk in it. The other is Impromptu with music by Liszt which features Candice in all her glory. Don't forget the dates April 10th & 15th to add some inspiring music and videos to your collection, but get in line... I'll be there bright & early... for I can't wait... Happy Birthday Greg!!! ;-))


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Happy Spring Everyone!

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